#G2Great Guest Host Rich Czyz

by Jenn Hayhurst

September 14, 2017, was a very special #G2Great. We celebrated our friend, Rich Czyz’s new book  The Four O’Clock Faculty A Rouge Guide to Revolutionizing Professional Development.  Rich wrote this book to help us to expand our thinking about what professional learning might be. The #G2Great PLN understands that professional learning has been forever changed. They embrace and look for new opportunities to learn.

As I reflect on this chat I am struck by four takeaways that can shape what professional learning might be. These learning opportunities are always there for us when we know what to look for…

Learning Opportunity 1: Always Say YES

We can always say yes to learning. It begins when we define and envision what our professional learning ought to be.  Once we know what we need, there are ways to incorporate 21st Century technology to our learning lives.There are virtually limitless resources available to us, and makes our learning lives relatable to our students. We can take what might be a negative learning experience and make it purposeful. Our learning is what we make of it:


Learning Opportunity 2: Set Meaningful  GOALS

Learning is synoomous with growth. Intellectual growth does not just happen to us, it requires our care and attention. Each day we can challenge ourselves to learn more than yesterday. We can decide to engage the learning process with an open optimistic hearts. In the end there is no finish line for learning. Our teaching degrees grant us admistion but our training goes on throughout our lives:

Learning Opportunity 3: Create Community

We are smarter together than we are by ourselves. The more connections we make with each other the greater the learning reward. When we learn collectively we get the benefit of each other’s perspective. So read, talk, write, and create community:

Learning Opportunity 4: More is MORE:

Choice is an essential part to learning. We can find ways to open up pathways for teachers to get what they need. Personal responsiblity, open communication, and becoming personally vested in the learning lives of ourselves and our colleagues is how our profession will continue to evolve:

Thank you Rich, we appreciate the innovative conversation that your work inspired. I think the best way to close out this post is with your remarkable words of wisdom:

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