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Shouting Our Deepest Literacy Beliefs from the Mountaintop

The mountain analogy has been a recurring theme since Mary’s book, Good to Great Teaching: Focusing on the Literacy Work That Matters (Heinemann 2012) was transformed into #G2Great Twitter chat January 8, 2015. We envision forging new paths to our best selves with dedicated others standing beside us, shouting words from the highest peaks that help us as we pave the way forward – one step at a time.

Amy said it all in a #G2Great chat…

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Our #G2Great anniversary on January 8, 2016, seems the perfect launching point for Literacy Lenses – the next step in our celebration where we can shout our deepest beliefs about literacy. Over the past year, each of you have been our inspiration, spurring us on for behind the scenes explorations that turn our wonderings into enthusiastic tweets that shout out across the Twittersphere from those #G2Great mountain peaks in our minds.

Our purpose for writing this blog is quite simple. Literacy Lenses gives us a ‘heart home,’ to linger a bit longer in the #G2Great experience. We have been so enriched by 140 character bursts of inspiration that we wanted to slow down this experience with brief after-the-chat reflections. We’ll honor the spirit of #G2Great chats by reflecting on the thinking your words have inspired. In celebration of our amazing #G2Great friends, we also plan to call on you to elaborate on a personal tweet that spoke to us so that we can all dig deeper into your thinking. Through Literacy Lenses, we extend an invitation to join us on that mountaintop where we can shout our deep belief that together we can and must make a difference.

Welcome to Literacy Lenses, a joyful stopping point along the Good to Great journey. We dedicate this blog to each of you for bringing #G2Great to life week after week over the past year. We are excited to continue stand side-by-side on that mountain with you in 2016 and beyond.