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Supporting Struggling Learners With Patty Vitale-Reilly

by Jenn Hayhurst

On October 19, 2017, Patty Vitale-Reilly joined #G2Great for an in-depth discussion about learning and ways teachers can work to inspire all students to be successful. As I look back over the chat, I realize there are five Power Moves that any teacher can put in place in the classroom to help students access their learning process.

Power Move #1 Creating Culture

Creating a culture of student ownership begins when we encourage a sense of belonging. There is so much we can do to influence our students’ identities. When we take the time to really know and celebrate who our students are we are creating culture. When we create classrooms where students are allowed to make choices and be part of a community we are extending an invitation to learn:

Power Move #2 Shifting Structures 

Offering a variety of predicatble structures breathes life into student centered learning. As students are able to negotiate various ways to learn they will be more empowered. When we model structures like workshop, guided writing, or initiate fishbowls we are shifting towards greater independence because they will know what to expect:

Power Move #3 Collaborative Classrooms

When we plan for collaboration we are planning for student access to learning. Collaboration is another way to activate the gradual release of responsiblity. As we plan for students to work in partnerships, using students as mentors, or center work we are leveraging collaborative work to foster greater independence:

Power Move #4 Vital Visuals 

When it comes to being strategic about using anchor charts or other visual tools our goal should be to faciliate greater student agency.  Our classrooms should be built on meaning making. Students who can use charts strategicly are in control of their learning process:

Power Move #5. Purposeful Practices

Having a repetior of instructional moves helps us our teaching be more intentional.  When we elect to pre-teach we are giving some students a head start to augment their learning process.

Thank you for joining #G2Great Patty, your work reminds me to reflect on my practice and as always be thinking about how I can continue to grow